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Sideways - The Santa Barbara Wine Region Movie

The movie Sideways was released in 2004 and is about two college friends named Jack and Miles during the week before Jack’s marriage. While Jack is more of a partier, Miles is more the writer type and wine lover. Jack’s amorous advances on women lead them to trouble. 

Some lively discussions about wine make the film quite enlightening and it is also a glimpse into the picturesque wine country of Santa Barbara County. During wine tastings Jack always just chugs it down while Miles goes through all the rituals of appreciating and evaluating a fine wine. 

Throughout the film there is visits to and mentions of local wineries and wines and all the accompanying vocabulary as well as vintage names talk of wines evolving in the bottle. Thanks for visiting the Wine Santa Barbara website!

The movie Sideways made Santa Barbara wines the focus of many news stories and publicity that continues worldwide as the movie continues to be seen. Up until the movie Sideways was released, most people thought predominantly of Napa Valley when it came to California wines, but during the height of the movie’s popularity the once bucolic roads were sometimes crowded with traffic.

Wine Santa Barbara continued:

The Santa Barbara Conference and Visitors Bureau saw opportunity and quickly published a color brochure with details about the region and the film locations of the movie Sideways which won accolades for its story as well as cinematography. 

The brochure takes you to 19 spots including Los Olivos, Santa Ynez, Buellton and Solvang all of Santa Barbara Wine Country fame. You can see the locations of some of the more notable scenes like the Days Inn Buellton and A.J. Spurs where Jack meets Cami. Visit the Sanford Winery to relive their wine savoring and the Fess Parker Winery where Miles guzzles the spit bucket.

Many moviegoers were enchanted by the region’s ambiance as portrayed in the movie which served as an effective travelogue. Many people have decided to visit the area after having seen the movie and are interested in seeing some of the very same places where filming occurred.

The scenic countryside of Santa Barbara Wine Country is located beginning about 30 miles northwest of Santa Barbara following Hwy. 154, also called San Marcos Pass, up from the town.

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